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Welcome to Medspresso™, where our coffee and tea blend exceptional flavours to enhance your daily ritual. At Medspresso™, our passion for premium beverages drives us to create products that delight the senses and support overall well-being.

We start with the finest ethically sourced coffee beans and tea leaves, partnering with farmers that prioritise sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Our meticulous roasting and blending processes ensure that each cup delivers a rich and satisfying experience.

We believe in transparency and quality, rigorously testing our products to meet the highest standards of purity and excellence. Whether you're exploring the depth of flavour in our coffee or the serene blend of our tea, Medspresso™ invites you to redefine your daily routine with a harmonious balance of taste and calmness. 

Join us in experiencing the refined luxury and soothing effects of Medspresso™ coffee and tea, where every sip is a step toward balance and well-being.

Meet the Medspresso™ team

Jeff Robinson

Our journey began with the vision of our parent company (M2Bio Sciences) CEO, Jeff Robinson. Jeff has a colourful background, and if you can sit down with him one day, I’m sure one sitting wouldn’t be enough. Anyone looking at Jeff’s Instagram would know that he is an avid foodie, and few people know that he has gone to gourmet cooking school and started a renowned gourmet Jazz Bar and Grill in Toronto. His passion for foods extends to his passion for coffee, himself being a true coffee snob.

Michael Sachar

Michael loves superb coffee and scrumptious food.
His career path has allowed him to pursue these delights. Michael has gained an extraordinary amount of experience working in the USA, China, and the Middle East, giving him over 20 years of food and beverage industry expertise, as well as extensive international trade and finance know-how.

Michael is passionate about discovering and developing new alternative healthy food and beverage products, seeing them through from initial concept to market launch. He is a proud Capetonian, husband, father, and dog father.

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