Discover Our CBD Infused Whole Beans & Ground Coffees

Our whole beans and ground coffees are sourced from the very best coffee producers in Africa.

High quality CBD (cannabidiol) is added in during the roasting process, allowing it to saturate the beans before the grounding process. This results in higher CBD levels per gram – more than any other CBD infused coffee on the market.

Discover our Artspresso® Collection – where fine art meets great coffee. Browse from a selection of six stellar designs and order your cup TODAY!

Go Green with Our Coffees

Our Nespresso®-compatible coffee pods are the world’s first coffee pods to be OK Compost Home certified – a biodegradability guarantee in home compost heaps. 


The Speciality Coffee Association of Southern Africa (SCASA) is a non-profit membership-based organisation representing baristas and coffee enthusiasts around the globe. Centred around values of inclusivity and the power of shared knowledge, SCASA fosters a global coffee family and supports activity that helps the coffee industry to thrive sustainably.

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