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All of us enjoy having a cup or more of coffee throughout the day. Whether it is for the much-needed morning kick or simply to enjoy the complex flavors of this beverage from around the world, coffee has worked its way to being a staple in most of our lives.

However, there has been a plethora of research into the health benefits and implications of coffee consumption. Here are 7 reasons you should be incorporating coffee into your daily lives:

1. You could have a longer life

There have been multiple studies that have associated coffee drinkers with having longer life spans. This is due to the fact that these studies have found coffee drinkers to be less likely to be affected with diseases such as kidney disease, stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

2. Your body will be able to process glucose better

This is the exact reason why coffee drinkers are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Researchers at Harvard tracked more than 100,000 people for around 20 years. They discovered that people who had increased their consumption of coffee by one cup a day had an 11% less chance of developing type-2 diabetes. Furthermore, they found that people who reduced their coffee intake by one cup a day had a 17% higher chance of developing this condition.

3. Coffee helps your DNA be stronger

Dark roast coffee is known to help in reducing breakage in DNA strands. This occurs naturally, however can lead to serious conditions like cancer or tumors if not repaired by your cells. A 2015 study concluded that, repeated consumption of coffee was associated with a reduced DNA strand breakage, noticable as early as 2 hours after the first intake of coffee!

4. You might reduce your risk of getting colon cancer

A 2016 study which followed 9000 people in Israel found that drinking as little as one or two cups of coffee a day reduced the risk of people getting colon cancer by 26%. Furthermore, another 2017 study found that people already diagnosed with colon cancer had a much lower risk of early death if they drank four cups of coffee a day. More research is imminently required but the research present sure does look promising!

5. Coffee may be protecting your liver

An elevated level of liver enzymes in the body signifies potential inflammation in the liver or some sort of liver damage. Research showed that people who drank three or more cups of coffee a day had a lower level of the enzymes found in the liver compared to people who did not consume coffee.

6. It may be a preventor of strokes

Strokes is the fourth leading cause of death for women. Recent studies have found that women are 19% less likely to suffer from a stroke if they consume two to three cups of coffee a day, and 20% less if they consume four or more cups of coffee in a day; even after taking into account smoking and other confounders.

7. Coffee may be helpful in preventing Parkinson’s disease

A study done in 2010 found that the higher the level of caffeine consumption the lower the level of risk of developing Parkinson’s. Another 2015 study done in Japan found that people living with Parkinson’s Disease have lower levels of caffeine in their blood levels. These results are extremely insightful and promising, and encourage the need for further research into the exploration of caffeine-related therapies in the prevention of the development of this disease in people having a family history of this condition.

In Conclusion

These reasons are pretty mind-blowing! Who knew your daily dose of your favorite brew might be helping you swerve major serious conditions like Parkinson’s and strokes?

Although the research with coffee and its health implications is ongoing, one simply cannot ignore the evidence in front of us. Coffee has been continuously proving its worth in aspects we would never have thought of!

The next time someone reprimands you when you are on your third cup of the day, show them this article and let them know how you are actually helping your body out by consuming coffee!