Medspresso™️ Torro Capsule Espresso Maker

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Elegance, class, sophistication; just a few things that come to mind when making an espresso from this beautiful machine. This one-of-a-kind system accommodates *Dolce Gusto® and *Nespresso® capsules for your convenience. You can now enjoy barista-quality drinks from both systems at a touch of a button. The MedspressoTM TorroTM has a high-pressure pump that crafts intensely flavoured espresso, within seconds. Enjoy rich, aromatic espressos topped with beautiful cremas – all day, every day. Foamy cappuccinos, dark americanos, or velvety espressos, the TorroTM makes your coffee, your way. Programmable to remember your preference, your personal barista consistently delivers coffee of the highest quality with every cup.


The powerful Medspresso™️ Torro Dual Capsule Espresso Maker is fully customizable with programmable features, making for a personalized, barista-style coffee experience in varying sizes at home. It’s small, streamlined, and sleek-looking too, so it should look smart on any kitchen worktop without taking up too much space. The drip tray is adjustable in height to suit everything from tiny espresso cups to taller mugs, which can help to prevent coffee splatter on worktops. The powerful Medspresso™️ Torro Dual Capsule Espresso Maker features a 19-Bar pressure pump, serving up a coffee in as little as 25 seconds and you have the choice of a small or large cup.

• Compatible with *Nespresso® & *Dolce Gusto® capsules.
• Removable 600 ml water tank.
• Programmable & automatic volume control.
• Adjustable drip tray height to accommodate various cup sizes.

• Power: 1450W
• Water Capacity: 600 ml
• Pressure: 19 Bar

1 review for Medspresso™️ Torro Capsule Espresso Maker

  1. Katana

    So user friendly even when I’m half asleep in the morning. Modern look, easy to work.

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